Managing women bring up weak, indecisive narcissistic sons and daughters, PhD Aelita Harnytska told a press conference "Does a modern woman need a man?", ForUm correspondent reports.

"This is a very powerful intrapsychic conflict for a boy, when he has a managing mother and a weak, subordinate father. On the one hand, the son wants to be like a man, but his mother brings him in the spirit of "man is a weak human being". A boy lives in this conflict for a rather long period of time, but can not accept his role," the psychologist said.

She also stressed that bossy mother can greatly affect the formation of the daughter’s character. "Any narcissistic woman has the same narcissistic mom and even grandmother," she said.

Clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, member of Psychotherapists and Psychoanalysts Association of Ukraine Daryna Soroka noted that it can be difficult to build happy marriage for children, who have been brought up in unhappy families. "They have a syndrome of divorced family. However, it is an individual issue how they will deal with internal tension and expectation," she said.


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