Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych promises to consider pardoning to former interior minister Yuri Lutsenko in case Lutsenko’s appeal is of dissatisfied by the Higher specialized court, President Viktor Yanukovych said during a press conference in the Ukrainian House.

"I know Yuri Lutsenko for a long time. I’m sorry about him. He suffers because of his stupidity. He wanted to do well, but came under criminal charges. Therefore, we must wait for the decision of the court. Despite the fact that he now poses as great opposition, he is suffering and I do not rejoice of that," Yanukovych said.

Yanukovych also said that if the specialized court does not change the state of Lutsenko, he would consider a pardon.

"Then my turn comes. However, I do not want to put pressure on the court in any way. It should work within the law and there should be no pressure on the court on part of the President," Yanukovych said.


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