President Viktor Yanukovych threatens courts, having unfair approach to work with banks and creditors, with taking extraordinary measures.

"The Higher Council of Justice should answer us: where is the fair judicial approach in dealing with banks and creditors?" President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said during the extended meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, ForUm correspondent reports.
According to him, the extended meeting with the participation of representatives of the Higher Council of Justice, judges, law enforcement officers will be held soon.

"There is corruption, which hampers investment in the real economy. If the banks continue suffering from this corruption, we will take extraordinary measures," he stressed.

In addition, Yanukovych said that the whole country is paying a high price for corruption, which that is at least 20 billion UAH per year. "This is money, which was not received by the state budget, which was stolen through corruption schemes. This trend must be stopped," he said.


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