Russia will not accept a tripartite consortium to manage the Ukrainian gas transit system, involving Ukraine, the EU and Russia Russian, the Gas Society head Valery Yazev said, Ukrinform reports.

"I think that the Gazprom will not agree to a tripartite consortium. It is not in Russia's interests to have such a hodgepodge of GTS management, and it will do no good. We are interested in direct involvement of Gazprom in the management of the Ukrainian pipeline or its transfer to Gazprom,” said Yazev. However, the official stressed that he expresses his own opinion.

According to him, given that the GTS is transferred to the Russian side, Ukraine will receive an appropriate rent.

Yazev is convinced that Russia can accept different arrangements with Ukraine, but without the participation of the EU.

He noted that amid the construction and availability of bypass pipelines - South Stream and Nord Stream, Gazprom is primarily interested in the underground gas storage facilities in western Ukraine.

"Right now we do not have transit risks. We have already removed them. The value of the GTS is in its underground storage facilities, and not in the pipes," said Yazev.

At the same time, he assured that if the GTS is leased to Gazprom, the Russian company will upgrade and maintain it in working condition. "Gazprom sees the sense only in long-term lease, for capital intensity to maintain efficiency is very high," said Yazev.



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