The Justice Ministry has prepared a draft law on amnesty in 2013, which provides for amnesty for some 1.5 thousand convicts, justice minister Oleksandr Lavrynovych said in interview.

"This bill will proclaim amnesty and cover primarily the categories of convicts, who have committed minor offenses, or the most socially vulnerable categories. In particular, minors, men and women who have children under 18 years old, children with disabilities and / or adult son, daughter with disabilities of the first, second, third groups, or ill with tuberculosis, cancer, and those people, who were granted state awards of Ukraine and the former Soviet Union, etc.," the minister said.

According to Lavrynovych, about 1.5 thousand such convicts will be released as a result of amnesty under the provisions of this bill.

Now the bill has been prepared for approval of the Prime Minister for the subsequent submission to the Parliament, he added.


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