Ukraine sees no effect from the entry into the European energy community, President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych told a press conference within the Dialogue with the country project.

"When we joined the European Energy Community, we expected it to be such a big family with common rules for everyone. Everyone was promised to find its place, that is, just relations would be expanded and the European energy market would be fair. What has Ukraine got? I'm not talking about the "Nord Stream" pipeline, it was begun to build when there were no Energy Community. But he had already been built. We lost there certain pumping volumes," he said.

The President recalled that when there had been talks on the "South Stream", Ukraine warned and requested to take into account the interests of all members of the community. "We seemed to be heard, but in the end, it was agreed to build the pipeline without the participation of Ukraine. It was begun to build. So we will lose pumping volumes again in violation of interests of Ukraine. Then the question arises: why do we need to be in this community? We have driven attention of the European community to the fact that we as members of this community are very unhappy with attitude towards Ukraine," Yanukovych said.

He added that, despite joining the Energy Community, nobody supports Ukraine in negotiations with Russia.

"When Russia has brought the $7 billion bill for gas, we had not bought, no one reacted. Yes, we have refused to pay these fines. We are currently in negotiations, but we again conduct them alone. So far we do not see the effect from the entry into the community, which we expected,” President said.

He added that Ukraine has been in a very difficult position for three years. "The contract on gas supplies has unfair terms” both in general, and in terms of penalties: 300% for insufficient amount of the bought gas, and in terms of transportation. Today the average price of transportation in Europe amounts to $4. We have a price of only about $ 3. In 2012 it was 1.7 dollars," Yanukovych said.



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