Dual citizenship is a guarantee of the collapse of Ukraine, leader of All-Ukrainian Union Svoboda Oleh Tyahnybok told ForUm correspondent.

According to him, Ukraine is in a very unstable situation, and dual citizenship will lead to more abuse.

"You have to understand that even today passports of Russian Federation are distributed in Crimea, the passports of Hungary in Zakarpattia region, the Romanian passports - in Chernivtsi and Odesa regions," the MP said.

At the same time Tyahnybok noted that the man, who wants to have a passport of another country, has every right to have it, but then he has to give up the Ukrainian one.

In this regard, there are many questions to the Interior Ministry and the Security Service: why are there many violators of the norm prohibiting dual citizenship in Ukraine? We are strongly against dual citizenship in Ukraine," leader of the Svoboda faction said.

MP from Batkivshchyna faction Andriy Parubiy agrees with him.

"Currently, it is not a matter of legal regulation of relations, it is a threat to national security," he said.

Parubiy reminded that one of the reasons for the outbreak of hostilities in Georgia was a thesis of the so-called protection of citizens at risk.

"We should not forget about what's going on in the border areas with Romania, Hungary, when other states use dual citizenship as a tool for expansion," he stressed.

Therefore, according to the MP, the law on the legalization of dual citizenship mustn’t be passed.

"I think even if it is put to a vote, it will not be accepted. In addition, the Party of Regions will not have many supporters of this bill. At the legislative level, the issue is settled.

And, by the way, recently the Parliament has unanimously decided to toughen this issue. It is a mechanism to identify those, who have dual citizenship, and increase penalties for violating the law," Parubiy explained.


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