The Cabinet of Ministers intends to resume dialogue between the ministers and the press after the Cabinet’s meeting, the Cabinet’s spokesman Serhiy Nahoryansky said during the 13th session of the interdepartmental working group on the analysis of legislation compliance with the law on freedom of expression and the protection of journalists' rights.

Nahoryansky thanked members of the interdepartmental working group for their meeting with representatives of the communication and information department of the Cabinet of Ministers, which was held on January 28.

At the meeting, representatives of the media and professional associations opposed the establishment of the black tape, which eliminates the free access of journalists to the ministers and quicker comments at government meetings.

"I think we should get rid of black tapes. All in all, we discussed how to order our work. I reported to the Prime Minister of Ukraine on the findings and requirements. We offered to meet with the press secretaries, ministers and their deputies, who are engaged in information activities. Such a meeting under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister of Ukraine is scheduled for Friday," Nahoryansky said.

The Cabinet’s spokesman added that the draft decision on the outcome of the meeting proposed to resume the dialogue between the ministers of the press after the Cabinet’s meeting. Serhiy Nahoryansky invited representatives of media organizations to a separate conversation, which will be held after the meeting in the government.


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