Opposition blocked up in the Parliament at night not for self-PR, but to minimize the risks, opposition member, deputy speaker Ruslan Koshulynsky said on the sidelines of the Parliament, ForUm correspondent reports.

"This is a mechanism of maximum protection. He, who did military service, understands what it takes to minimize the number of lines of attack. After all, no one has known the decision of the majority.
So, we have adopted such measures to minimize the possibility of confrontation. It is like 300 Spartans stopped a large army in a small passage," the deputy speaker said.
According to him, the deputies are on duty in the session hall according to the schedule.

When asked by ForUm correspondent when Svoboda faction leader Oleh Tyahnybok will be on duty, Koshulynsky said: "This is a separate topic. The leader should rather guide the process, than to be in the session hall".

At the same time Koshulynsky stressed that talks about early elections are a bluff. "I am convinced that at this point, early elections are a certain bluff," he said.

However, in his opinion, if there are early elections, the All-Ukrainian Union Svoboda is ready to run with open lists.

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