The creation of a gas transportation consortium with Russia depends on transit volumes, offered by the Russian party, Kostyantyn Borodin, director of the relevant department at the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, said this in the TV program Shuster LIVE on Friday.

"That's where a small graph. This is the volume of oil transit for the past 15 years. It has decreased from 65 to 14 million tons, more than by 4 times. Only 980 kilometers of oil transportation system are now used out of 3500 - the Druzhba pipeline in Lviv region," he said.
"Since 2010 we have reduced gas transit to 10-15 billion cubic meters a year. This is around 10%," Borodin said.

"If there is no South Stream under the Black Sea, the volumes of transit that could really remain in Ukraine will make 50% of what it was three or four years ago - 60 billion cubic meters," the expert noted.

"Today, when we talk about what we should do to our gas transport system, perhaps we need to define the terms on which it would run. And the creation of a gas transportation consortium depends on what conditions our partners offer us: whether there is sure loading and at what level, how the issues of taxation, profit and ownership are addressed," the official said.

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