A meteorite was observed in the sky over Russia's Urals region, Emergency Situations Ministry spokesperson Yelena Smirnykh told Interfax.

"What happened over the Urals region was not a meteor shower, as was reported earlier. It was a meteorite, which burned up as it passed through the lower layers of the Earth atmosphere. However, it triggered an impact wave, which smashed windows in several houses in the region," she said.

Four people were reportedly injured by falling glass.

Radiation levels remain normal in the area, the spokesperson said.

"There has been no increase in radiation levels. They remain normal. The meteorite did not effect them," Smirnykh noted.

The accident did not cause any disruption to mobile network operations in the region.

Meteorite pieces are not expected to actually fall to the Earth.

However, regional emergency services have been put on high alert, the spokesperson said.

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