It is necessary to draft amendments to the Constitution, which will meet the requirements of the Ukrainian society, President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said in interview with the analytical magazine "Ukraine and the World in 2013. Global Agenda".

"Modernization of the Constitution is one of the most important and urgent tasks at the current stage of development of Ukraine," he said, noting that this aim requires a systematic, professional and open approach, both directly to the content of the amended Constitution, and to the preparation of proposals for its improvement.

According to the President, the Constitutional Assembly was established for this very purpose. Its membership includes, along with experts in constitutional law, the representatives of civil society and local governments, as well as representatives of various political forces.

Yanukovych stressed that the Constitutional Assembly is working actively, openly and publicly, and all its decisions and positions are covered on the website of the President of Ukraine. The Assembly includes seven commissions, which work in different areas of constitutional renewal. Three plenary meetings have been already held. The last of these, according to the President, was attended by experts of the Venice Commission, who praised the level of debate in the Constitutional Assembly, noted positive trends in well-established approaches to reforming the Constitution, compliance with European standards.

Speaking about the possibility of holding a referendum on changes to the Constitution, the President said that it will depend on the nature of the proposed changes, which is also clearly stated in the current Constitution.



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