A new version of the traffic rules was adopted at a closed meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers yesterday.

The document will come into force on April 15, and it includes a lot of innovations, such as the need to travel with dipped headlights outside the settlements from October 1 to May 1.

According to the new traffic rules, the concepts of a "lawn" ("land of homogeneous areas with turf surface, which is artificially created by planting and growing herbs") and "maneuvering" ("beginning of a movement to move a vehicle from one lane to another, turn to the right or left, turn around, reverse, exit to the curb") are introduced. Stopping and parking on lawns will be prohibited.

The night time is "a part of the day from sunset to sunrise." Earlier, it was a period from the end of evening twilight (30 minutes after sunset) until the early morning twilight (30 minutes before sunrise).

In addition, under the new rules, road signs take precedence over road markings. Previously the signs often contradicted the markings.

Among other things, there will be a number of new traffic signs, such as "tram stop", "end of tram stop", "cult structure", "industrial zone", "photo-, video recording of violations." White and yellow road markings will be added with blue markings (parking space on the road) and orange (temporary markings).

The new version contains a provision according to which from October 1 to May 1, all vehicles outside the city limits will have to go with running lights or beams. The authors believe this will improve the driver's reaction to changing road conditions.

The provision for requiring drivers to wear a reflective vest on the road at night was excluded from the final version of the new edition of the TR. It also has no clear position on the need to change the tires with the new season. It is indicated that in the case of continuous operation of the vehicle on the road with slippery roadway "tires appropriate for the roadway are recommended."

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