Ukraine needs to form a civilized market of recycled materials, director of the State Enterprise "Ukrekoresursy" Dmytro Rodionov told a conference, ForUm correspondent reports. 

"This is a huge market, but there are few people, who invest money in recycling of household waste, so we can not speak about a real competition. If we look at the nameplate capacity of enterprises that are really engaged in the recycling of household wastes in Ukraine, we will see that the selection of raw materials from all wastes in the country amounts only to 7%, while in Europe it is 75%. Our task is to achieve at least 15%," the expert noted.

Radionov continued that this is a key task of the Ukrekoresursy as the only legitimate business entity, which provides the organization of collection, preparation and recycling of used containers, packaging materials and wastes as secondary raw materials.

According to him, the key factor that hinders the development of the market is a lack of infrastructure for collection, preparation, recycling and use of household wastes at the levels of individual territories and countries.

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