For school graduates the vocational choice becomes more and more complicated. The labour market offers endless list of professions with funny names, making students' heads spinning due to such plenty. Specialists say that teens have problems with vocational choice because of poor developed system of professional orientation. "In fact, we don't have it. Professional orientation is at the primitive level," psychologist and professor of the faculty of social sciences and technologies Oksana Bryk says.

Well, be that as it may, the moment of truth will come very soon for all current school graduates. Those, who are still thinking about future profession, should hurry up, as the official registration for external independent testing started on January 4 and will end on March 5. Already now future students must decided what subjects to press and what tutors to look for.

ForUm has tried to find out how to make the right choice and what professions are currently in demand on Ukrainian labour market.

Love cannot be forced

Free choice is one of the most important principles parents must follow when recommending their kids to choose this or that profession. Psychologists insist that the role of parents is to guide and help to understand the vocation, not to force into it.

"Choosing for children, parents risk warping a child's life. I talked to children, who were strong in mathematics, but did not want to enter the economic faculty. Parents insisted and the study turned into torture. Some of those kids left the faculty, others "re-entered" another faculty. Those who found strength to graduate have never worked by profession. Once I had a patient with the same problem. Parents forced the boy to enter the economic faculty, but at the fourth grade, he had a breakdown. He did not want to continue, conflicted with parents, sank into depression. Fortunately, the story ended well," Oksana Bryk said.

People, who studied imposed profession, will have psychological problems in what follows. They will be forcing themselves to work, without interest and satisfaction. "Work takes a huge part of our lives, but with unloved work the major part of life turns into suffering," the psychologist states.

At the same time, Oksana Bryk notes that there are rare cases when parents force their child into some profession and the child learns to love it and begins to enjoy it. However, it happens rarely and it is better not to risk.

"Vocation is a complicated thing. One cannot know if it is his vocation until he finds it, and it can take years. In any case, parents should try to understand what their children want and able to do," Oksana Mykhailovna says.
Professions in numbers

To somehow simplify the choice for future students, ForUm talked to experts of the labour market to learn what professions are currently in demand. According to Olga Klimova, PR manager of portal, the most in-demand specialists in 2012 were in the sphere of "Sales" (11% of all vacancies), "Information technologies" (11%), "Commerce" (11%), "Production" (8%), "Banks" (6%), "Administrative staff" (6%).

"With the growth of retail business, the demand for skilled specialists grows as well. Companies increase sales volumes and hire workers of different levels - from sellers-consultants to managers of a retail chain. Retail business is the leader on the number of published vacancies, but its biggest problem is personnel turnover," the expert says.

Specialists in information technologies also remain in demand. According to the data of portal, "programmer" and "software developer" remain one of the most in-demand and hard-to-find professions. "The demand grows for web-programmers and Java and Net developers. In 2013 the deficit for software developers will increase. Many IT companies open new projects, which require additional manpower," Olga Klimova says.

Moreover, salary expectations grow as well. "The market does not stand still, the competition among companies becomes tougher and, consequently, the competitive struggles for skilled candidates harden. Companies are ready to pay more for 'stars'," she says.

The banking sphere also needs good specialists. "Understanding the global changes of the financial market, bankers try to adapt their personnel in regional branches and start with managers," Olga says. According to her, the most in-demand specialists are "risk-managers" - people able to estimate risks of credit operations. "One of the key tasks of the banking sector in 2010-2011 was to reduce the share of troubled loans, accumulated for the crisis period. However, in 2013 the specialists on outstanding debts will be in less demand, just because the amount of granted loans fell significantly. At the same time, the demand for IT-analysts, system administrators and developers continue growing. IT-specialists in banking sphere are already hard to find," Olga Klimova says.

According to the State employment agency, the labour market of Ukraine also needs skilled manual workers: locksmith, lath operators, millers, electric and gas welders, house painters, bricklayers, plasterers, tractor drivers, cooks, tailors. There is constant demand for nurses, doctors, engineers. Experts say that choosing a future profession, students must take into account the perspectives of professional development and financial security. To choose a profession and to enter proper educational institutions is a laborious process, but not the most difficult one. After the graduation, fresh specialists will face the job hunt, success of which depends not only on their desire to work, but also on the situation at the labour market. Remember, all professionals are important, but the final choice is yours.

Tetyana Matsur


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