Passing the bill on taxation of foreign currency transactions will not contribute to the development of the black market, financial expert Oleksandr Okhrymenko told a press conference "How will currency tax affect dollar salaries of Ukrainians?", ForUm correspondent reports.

"Dollar is not an axiom for underground economy. Hryvnia can be used similarly, as the dollar is used. Please, do not draw parallels with the early 90's, when the currency was exchanged by gangs’ representatives. There will be no "black" exchange.

In addition, Okhrymenko stressed that the dollar is not reliable currency.

"The United States is actively printing dollars. The gold price has pointed at dollar devaluation over the last five years. Once gold cost $ 330, now it costs 1700 dollars. This is the actual depreciation of the U.S. currency. There also complaints about rise in fuels and petrol prices. These complaints also echo the devaluation of the dollar," Okhrymenko concluded.



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