Britain does not leave the European Union, but requires some changes in the EU, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Ukraine Mr. Simon Smith told online conference, held on ForUm.

Speaking about the statement of British Prime Minister David Cameron to hold a referendum on leaving the EU at the end of this decade, Mr. Smith said: "The Prime Minister did not say the UK was turning its back on Europe. The main thesis of his speech dealt with the changes in the European Union, the changes that will make it stronger and better".

"I am sure that if the UK citizens have reliable information, they will decide in favor of the benefits of the European Union membership," he added.

According to Her Majesty’s Ambassador, Britain wants the EU to be strong and successful union to provide security and prosperity for its citizens.

Britain may hold a referendum on leaving the EU at the end of the decade, after the development of a new pact on the division of powers between London and Brussels, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron announced on last

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