Rent tariffs in Kyiv will not increase, director of the KCSA housing and municipal infrastructure department Volodymyr Bazhenov told a round table, ForUm correspondent reports.

"The Kyiv administration does not plan to increase rent tariffs. I do not know what will happen with heat, water, gas tariffs, but the rent tariffs will not change," the official assured.

At the same time, he added that the current rate does not fully cover the costs of the companies, which provide services for the maintenance of houses and the building surrounding grounds, but still the ways to improve the quality of these services will be found.

In particular, according to Bazhenov, on February 22, the city council will address two issues on its meeting: increasing the revenues of enterprises by increasing the rent for the premises in the buildings of local councils, as well as release of housing maintenance organizations from the payment of land tax.

"Each of these points is sufficient appendage to the account of the enterprises," Bazhenov summed up.

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