Member of the National Bank Council Vasyl Horbal stated that cooperation agreement between Ukraine and the International Monetary Fund will be signed in the nearest future, Ukrinform reports.
Appointment of Mykola Udovychenko, who has large experience of cooperation with international currency institutions, as Deputy Governor of the National Bank, will unambiguously speed up a negotiation process between Ukraine and the IMF, and adoption of the luxury law by the parliament, which will take place soon, will give us additional bargaining chip in the negotiation process with the International Monetary Fund. Since we actually will not have unfulfilled requirements,” Horbal noted.

According to him, current macroeconomic indexes and disciplined fulfillment of the IMF requirements should convince the Fund to form a new cooperation program with Ukraine. “The only thing, which may hamper concerns the IMF political requirements, since this structure is very popular just with the fact that in addition to fulfillment of its financial services, it often stands as the political subject,” the expert believes.

Earlier, the IMF has said about a planned visit of its Mission to Ukraine over a period since January 29 and until February 12.

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