Three more criminal cases are investigated against former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, apart from the case on the murder of MP Yevhen Scherban in 1996, first deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Renat Kuzmin has said, Interfax informs.

"The Prosecutor General's Office is investigating into the cases on ambulance cars and Kyoto funds. Tymoshenko's defense lawyers are still reading the materials of the case, and they are doing this very slowly. There is another case on an attempt to bribe judges of the Supreme Court. There is one more case on infliction of body injuries to an employee of the State Penitentiary Service during disturbances at the Lukyanivske pre-trial detention facility, when Tymoshenko with her associates came there and demanded to release her husband. We have evidence that the injuries were caused personally by Tymoshenko," Kuzmin said in an interview.

Asked whether investigators have evidence that Tymoshenko was aware that she was transferring $2.8 million for the murder of Scherban and why the money were transferred only half a year after the murder, Kuzmin said: "Yes, we have such evidence."

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