During 2012, wage arrears worth more than 1.3 billion UAH were paid due to the efforts of the tax officers.

According to the Incomes and Fees Ministry press service, the budget received additional 257 million UAH of income tax for individuals.

These results were achieved by the hearing of the debtor business leaders on special committees with the participation of representatives of the tax authorities and the local government, the press service noted.

In addition, after interviews with tax officers, over 81 thousand economic entities increased their workers a wage, which had been lower than the state minimum.

"The effect of this increase was felt not only by employees, but also the budget, which received additional 164.8 million UAH," the Incomes and Fees Ministry stressed.

According to the Ministry’s data, the Consolidated Budget of Ukraine received more than 68 billion UAH of tax on personal income just in the past year. It's nearly 8 billion UAH, or 13% more than in 2011.

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