After heavy rain the weather has sprung a mine on Kyiv residents - frost and glaze ice. Unprepared people mince along the street trying to find a secure path, but not everyone arrives safe. Many people fall on icy stairs of underground crosswalks or when getting out of transport or shops...

As ForUm learned from the press secretary of the healthcare department of the Kyiv city state administration Anna Zayats, on January 21 already 579 people sought help in injury care centers of the capital (544 adults and 35 children). Moreover, 57 adults and 3 children were hospitalized.

In this respect, Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov has charged Infrastructure Ministry, Emergencies Ministry, Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine, State Emergency Service, Ukravtodor, Interior Ministry and heads of regional, Kyiv and Sevastopol city state administrations to organize work on elimination of danger for vehicles and people.

In his turn, head of the Kyiv city state administration Oleksandr Popov declared that the city authorities intended to mobilize all human and technical resources to fight the aftermath of the bad weather. He addressed heads of Kyiv enterprises, institutions and organization to provide sanding of building surrounding grounds.

As ForUm learned from press office of communal enterprise "Kyiv roads", 327 pieces of equipment were deployed to fight glaze ice. "Every day more than two thousand tons of sanding is used to cover slippery surfaces, and about 460 people clean the roads and sidewalks," the press office reported.

ForUm correspondents decided to see for themselves how Kyiv is fighting glaze ice.

Private enterprises indeed sand and salt the roads, but only on building surrounding grounds.

"Nobody's" parts of the road, however, remain trapped in ice.

In Tereshenskovaya Street in the city center, a lone man in black is trying to break ice crust.

However, pedestrians, especially older people, still have difficulties with crossing the street.

Compassionate citizens come to help those who are having rough time walking on ice.

Even young people do not feel safe, especially in slippery shoes.

The most difficult part is to overpass roadside ice blocks, which 'grow' after the clearing of driveways.

As we see, nobody hurries to remove the blocks, especially if these "icebergs" get stuck in yards.

Kyiv is known for its hills and slopes, locals are already used to. But in such weather they turn into insurmountable obstacles. 

Kyiv emergency department informs that glaze ice has not caused any serious accident so far. Representative of the department Iryna Zavdoviyeva reported about only two unpleasant experiences, when cars were trapped in a snow bank and rescuers had to pull them out with a winch rope.

Meanwhile, traffic police report four accidents, including two car-pedestrian accidents. Four people were injured. Moreover, police officers caught 62 pedestrians red-handed, when they were violating traffic rules.

In connection with bad weather conditions, Kyiv traffic department has introduced one-way traffic in two central streets. At the same time, the traffic police department reminds that nobody releases drivers from responsibility and calls upon drivers to be maximally attentive.

Having walked along icy roads ForUm recommends its readers to wear comfortable shoes, watch your steps on slippery stairs and beware of icicles. Trust in communal services but watch out anyway!

Alina Yeremeyeva, Anastasia Pika, Tetyana Matsur, Tetyana Hryhoriyeva


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