Officially, there are no genetically modified products in Ukraine, analyst of the AAA consulting company Maria Kolesnik told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

According to the analyst, "virtually no one in Ukraine can read anywhere that he eats the modified product. That happens because it is not officially allowed to bring in the seeds of genetically modified organisms. Therefore, GMOs do not grow in Ukraine officially".

Expert continued that if some hybrids are produced, they are not the first generation of hybrids. "Perhaps, genetic engineering was used in the development of hybrids, but then they were produced in the usual way. If they are cultivated, then, by our laws, they are not genetically modified," Kolesnik said.

She added that it is not worth talking about enormous profits of companies, which manufacture products using GMO: "seeds of hybrids are more expensive. If companies cared only about profits, they would not purchase these seeds from the large transnational corporations".


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