The European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs decided to support unanimously the entry into force of the agreement introducing amendments to the visa facilitation agreement between Ukraine and the EU. Corresponding decision was made at the Committee’s meeting yesterday, UKRINFORM news agency reported.

Ukraine's representative to the EU Kostiantyn Yeliseyev welcomed such decision of the Committee.

"I have to welcome the first positive news this year in relations between Ukraine and the EU - the results of voting by all political groups in the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament to support the entry into force of the enhanced agreement on visa facilitation. It opens the way for the ratification by the European Parliament of this document in the near future," Yeliseyev noted.

Thus, MEPs showed their consistent support for the gradual introduction of the visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens, the diplomat added.

Yeliseyev also hoped that the Verkhovna Rada and all political parties represented in it will unanimously support the ratification of the agreement, which will open the opportunity for a number of categories of Ukrainian citizens to obtain short-term visas to the Schengen area under a more simplified procedure.

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