Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is sad about young people seeking a better life abroad.
"I am pleased to note the growth of patriotic sentiments of the Ukrainian society, the desire to build a new country, to provide a new quality of life. But there remain a lot of people, who have lost faith and made their choice in favor of seeking a better life in other countries. It's a shame that this trend is common among young people. Each person does have the opportunity to choose the country to live, study and work. In such circumstances, the states, which can provide individuals with freedom and great opportunities, become the centers of world attraction. We should become such a country," Yanukovych said during the solemn meeting on the occasion of the Unity and Liberty Day, ForUm correspondent reports.
In his opinion, those people, who believe in their future, become really strong.

"Our mission is to provide real economic and political independence, strengthen democracy and the rule of law, to become the young, strong, modern state in Europe and in the world", - concluded the President.

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