Georgian Ambassador to Ukraine Grigol Katamadze notes that Ukrainian-Georgian cooperation has been activated significantly under President Viktor Yanukovych. "Recently, the President of Georgia (Mikheil Saakashvili) said that he does not remember such enhanced cooperation, as happens under President Yanukovych... We will always remember that at the crucial moment of our history in 2010, Ukrainian President Yanukovych made a very fundamental statement of support for the territorial integrity of Georgia," the diplomat said.

Katamadze added that Saakashvili communicates with former President Viktor Yushchenko, who baptized the child of the Georgian president.

Ambassador stressed that the Ukrainian-Georgian relations are independent of kinship.

"I would not simplify the situation to the dependence on personal relationships. Did (former President) Leonid Kravchuk have some family ties to Georgia? But he decided to send a helicopter regiment and amphibious ships to Georgia in 1993, when there was a civil conflict to rescue refugees. A large number of Georgians are now alive because of this assistance," Katamadze said.
He also expressed hope that the Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine will do everything for the pace of the Ukrainian-Georgian relations to be kept.

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