The Interior Ministry has submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers the draft law on amending the Highway Code. In particular, it includes penalties for the use of tires, which do not correspond to the season.

"We believe that the Highway Code should include such a norm. Inspectors will stop a car in case of violation of traffic rules by drivers and at the same time to pay attention to car tires," head of the Traffic Police Road Safety Department Serhiy Budnik said. In case of violation, the drivers will be warned on the basis of the Art. 125 of the Code of Administrative Offences (CAO; "other traffic violations").

According to the draft law, the vehicles, moving outside of the settlement in the period from October 1 to May 1, will be required to switch on dimlight. In addition, in the dark and in poor visibility conditions the drivers out of the vehicle will have to wear a reflective vest, and pedestrians - to wear reflective elements on the clothing.

Among other things, in 2013 the traffic policemen will more strictly monitor the use of seat belts by drivers. Article 121 of the Code of Administrative Offences provides for a 51-85 UAH fine for unfastened seat belt. "Despite this, many drivers continue driving without fastening and inspectors prefer not to be distracted by such insignificant violations. We will ensure compliance with this rule, until it becomes a tradition," the traffic police officer said. The traffic police hope that this measure will reduce the number of victims of road accidents, which in 2012 amounted to about five thousand.

According to the chairman of the All-Ukrainian NGO "Public transport safety committee" Yuri Papirovy, the abovementioned proposals are "completely justified." "However, the changes must be clearly defined for the inspectors not to abuse under the pretext of inspection of tires. It is necessary to specify the seasonal time, when drivers have to drive on winter, and when - on summer tires," Yuri Papirovy said.


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