Crimean Parliament is preparing amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, which will strengthen the rights of the autonomy, Speaker of the Crimean Parliament Volodymyr Konstantinov said in the congratulatory message on 22nd anniversary of the re-establishment of the republic.

He recalled that the Constitutional Assembly is preparing a new version of the Basic Law. "Based on the experience of the Crimean regionalism, I suggested our collective vision on amending the tenth section of the Constitution relating to the autonomy and the eleventh section relating to the local government. Today it is necessary to protect local government from the pressure of the bureaucracy, oligarchy, to stop the commercialization of healthcare and education fields," speaker said.

As the speaker noted, given the status of Crimea, the members of the Constitutional Assembly proposed the Crimean parliament to make concrete proposals for the modernization of the Basic Law in respect of powers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

"We have to work out proposals for changes to the Constitution of Ukraine concerning, above all, the right of legislative initiative in the Crimean Parliament, granting ownership of the property belonging to the Crimea, addressing the legal basis of individual governmental powers delegated to the autonomy, which would reduce costs and simplify bureaucratic procedures, eliminate duplication departments and improve the overall efficiency of the government," Konstantinov said.



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