Former Ukrainian interior minister Yuri Lutsenko was moved from the detention facility in Mena in Chernihiv region to the Oberih private clinic in Kyiv, where he will undergo an examination and surgery, Lutsenko's wife Iryna told journalists, Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported.

"I saw a motorcade leaving the prison after I reached the Mena detention facility. I was told he had been moved out of the prison," she said.

Iryna Lutsenko said the purpose of her arrival at the prison was to get permission to see her husband at the clinic.

Iryna urged reporters not to create a great stir near the hospital, because Lutsenko will be moved back to prison if peace is disturbed in or outside the clinic.

"But in the absence of the prison chief or an official responsible for issuing such permits, I was told by an officer on duty that he had no right to provide such permits," she said.

Kyiv's Oberig universal medical clinic is ready to accept Ukraine's former interior minister Yuriy Lutsenko for planned surgery on January 21, the press service for the Ukrainian State Penitentiary Service reported.

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