Responsibility for distribution of rabies among animals lies with unauthorized landfills of broiler plant waste, director of the ecology cultural center of Ukraine Volodymyr Boreiko told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

"The reason that for the last 15 years the level rabies among animals has increased is mass scale discharge of rotten mean in forests and fields of Ukraine. Nobody speaks about it, but it is a serious problem. The fact is there are several large poultry plants in Ukraine, which do not have proper utilization plan for dead chickens," he said.  

According to Boreiko, every big incubator has up to 7% of defective products. These are chickens, died of various diseases. Thus, there are about 350 thousand tons of carrion accumulated annually in Ukraine. Only 150 thousand tons get reprocessed, while the rest gets simply discharged.

"Apart from dead chickens, meat plants discharge dead cattle and rabbits. Such endless landfills of rotten meat become the focus of rabies virus and assist to uncontrolled reproduction of foxes and stray dogs," he noted.

According to Boreiko, release of farming wastes is not controlled in Ukraine. Maximum what sanitary service can do is to impose a fine in the amount of 100-200 hryvnias.


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