Half the population of wolves is killed in Ukraine annually, director of the Kyiv Ecological and Cultural Center Volodymyr Boreyko told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

"There are 2600-2700 officially registered wolves in Ukraine. Every year, 1300-1400 wolves are fired off, that is, half of the population. This figure does not include poaching and dying wolves," he said.

According to Boreyko, wolves are often killed under the pretext that they are the main carriers of rabies, while only about 0.5% of the disease transfer falls on this animal species.

"40% of cases of rabies transfer accounts for foxes and 20 % - for dogs, they are the main carriers of the disease. The wolf is the most important fighter against animal rabies, as it reduces the population of stray dogs and foxes," Boreyko informed.

In addition, according to the ecologist, a lot of wolves eat offal and meat scraps from poultry farms, being the cleaner of the forests and farming. However, people continue killing wolves massively, and that results in negative consequences.



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