Director of the ecology cultural center of Ukraine Volodymyr Boreiko opines that the shark living in the aquarium in one of the Kyiv shopping malls is on its last legs.

"I am worried about its injured nose. If such big fish or animal has a broken nose, it means it was hurt really badly. Moreover, the water it lives in is relatively still, and microorganisms reproduce very fast. I have an impression that because of this injury the shark is living its last days," he told journalists, ForUm correspondent reports.

According to the environmental specialist, the shark could have been hurt during the catching or transportation.

"The front part of shark is like tank armor, and if it was injured that badly, in my opinion, the shark is not long for this world. The fact that the shark lay down on the bottom of aquarium proves that it may be sick," Boreiko added.

According to the specialist, the only way to save the shark is to bring it back to the Pacific Ocean.


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