Applicants are advised to use textbooks to prepare for external independent testing (EIT), head of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment Iryna Zaitseva told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

The expert explained that testing corresponds to the curriculum, i.e. to the textbooks. In addition, Zaitseva advises applicants to study reports of the Center for the previous three years. There applicants can find answers to difficult questions, arising while passing the EIT in the past years.
As for the manuals, Zaitseva informed than 12 publishers have received reviews from the Center, about 10 more are pending. In the near future a list of the recommended manuals will be made public.

The expert also stressed that Ukraine has a sufficient number of tests for EIT. In particular, tests bank numbers 28 thousand tests, which are being constantly updated.

Zaitseva stressed number of questions, whose answers could be guessed, will be eliminated from the tests in Ukrainian literature and physics.


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