Lawyers urge people, injured due to badly cleaned roads, to file lawsuit in court, lawyer, specialist in medical law, representative of the KCSA Maksym Baryshnikov told a press conference “Why is Kyiv poorly cleaned of snow this winter?", ForUm correspondent reports.

According to Baryshnikov, 80% of Ukrainians sue not after they break a leg or an arm, but when an icicle or a block of ice falls on their car or other property.

"In fact, the world practice shows that the courts' decisions on suits concerning injury and moral damage of those, who slipped and fell, could  help people reimburse their costs," he said.

The lawyer urged the people, injured due to badly cleaned roads, and their relatives necessarily apply to lawyers, prepare a suit and file it in court.

"Before going to court you need to resolve a few issues - to determine the proper defendant, record the fact of an injury - it is desirable to photograph the place and to find witnesses who will confirm the fact of injury in a particular place, and obtain all medical records. If you go to the health center - take all the records of the fact treatment, checks for paid treatments and medicines. All this should be filed to the court," he said.

However, the lawyer noted that in Ukraine such compensation usually worth 5-7 thousand hryvnia, no more, and the amount of compensation for moral damage is defined as half of the damages.



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