Extreme does harm to men's health, academician of the Ukrainian Technological Academy, president of the Ukrainian Interdisciplinary Association "Men's Health" sexologist-andrologist Yuri Zaseda told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports. 

In particular, the doctor advises men not to go in winter swimming.
According to him, the extreme temperature change is dangerous. "Resource of each person is different. Thermoregulation, metabolism, hormonal flow, state of the immune system may stay normal during the years. However, somehow it happens that a man dies, having fallen ill with pneumonia, inflammation of the kidneys, etc. Everything is unpredictable, so I advise not to do winter swimming," the doctor said.

He added that there are many kinds of extreme behavior, in particular, climbing, diving. A person becomes dependent on it. "He needs constant stress. This is the same legal drug, as fat and carbohydrate diet, smoking, alcohol and sexual extreme behavior," Zaseda explained.
Doctor advises men, particularly those who plan to have children, not to be fascinated with sauna. He explained that the high temperatures lead to temporary infertility and some Eastern cultures even used sauna as a male contraceptive.

To save a man's strength, the doctor recommends to eat well, avoid stress, do sport, and seek a doctor in case of any dysfunction.

Yuri Zaseda added that male sexual activity is directly linked to his intellectual ability.

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