Drugs were most often smuggled in Ukraine in 2012, State Customs Service of Ukraine press office informs.

In 2012, the most popular items for smuggling were drugs - 70%, weapon - 15%, cultural values - 6%, toxic substances - 1.7%. In general, the customs authorities of Ukraine opened 172 criminal cases during the past year.

Compared with 2011, there was a trend to 6.1% increase in criminal cases, involving drugs, and 8.3% increase in cases, involving weapons and ammunition.

In particular, in 2012, the customs authorities revealed 2172 cases of smuggling of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues and precursors across the customs border of Ukraine, which result in the institution of 121 criminal proceedings. Almost 7 kg of heroin, 104 kilograms of cocaine, 0.5 kg of opium, over 30 kg of cannabis, 8.795 tablets, 1568 capsules and 0.3 liter of drugs with restricted circulation were seized from illegal circulation.

28 controlled deliveries were conducted by the customs authorities in cooperation with the law enforcement agencies to identify the persons, involved in the illegal movement of drugs in 2012. In addition, 804 cases of weapons and ammunition smuggling across the customs border of Ukraine were registered. 363 units of military weapon, 454 units of side weapon, 9 units of smoothbore weapon,12 units of gas weapon, 32 units of sports and air weapon, 3913 pieces of ammunition, 5.95 kg of explosives were seized.


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