The Interior Ministry plans to form the National Police and the State Bureau of Investigation in its composition, first deputy interior minister Serhiy Chernykh said at the meeting of the Parliament’s committee on legislative support of law enforcement agencies.

Chernykh said that they will be the central executive authorities, coordinated by the Cabinet through the Interior Minister.

Chernykh noted that the formation of the national police will require amending the existing law on the police or to pass the police bill.

First deputy minister said that the national police of Ukraine will ensure implementation of the basic law enforcement functions: public safety, crime prevention, protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens, crime investigations, road safety guaranteeing.

The national police are also expected to incorporate the financial police, which will counteract the economic crime.

Chernych concluded that the national police shall include the criminal police, public security police, financial police, traffic police and special police.

In the next stage of the Interior Ministry reforming, it is planned to establish the State Bureau of Investigation. Chernych said it would be an independent anti-corruption body with functions of the investigation of all types of crimes committed by senior officials, law enforcement officers and judges. Chernych added that such a structure will conform to the international standards and norms of the new Code of Criminal Procedure.

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