Head of the State Agency of Land Resources of Ukraine Serhiy Tymchenko asks the citizens to help find errors in the cadastral map of Ukraine.

"Currently, the map has some errors, overlays. People can not find their plots. However, all civilized world has gone through it (formation of cadastral map - Ed.) and there is no other way," Tymchenko told a briefing in the Cabinet, ForUm correspondent reports.

He recalled that Ukrainians registered their plots of land on paper for the previous 20 years. "The worst thing was that we couldn’t check the quality of the entered data. When we digitized more than 50 million documents and brought them together, we found a lot of mistakes," he said.

According to him, the website, where the cadastral map is posted, has a special table, in which every citizen can enter his data and report on an error in the land registry.


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