Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has praised the actions by the National Bank to maintain the stability of the Ukrainian national currency.

"Despite attempted speculative attacks on the hryvnia, the efficient and well-thought actions by the National Bank allowed maintaining its stability... The National Bank of Ukraine has all the means to maintain the national currency's stability," Yanukovych said in an interview with the Komsomolskaya Pravda, Interfax informs.

Yanukovych said that the volume of foreign currency purchased by Ukrainians on the cash foreign exchange market was practically equal to the volume of foreign currency sales, which has happened for the first time over many years.

He also said that they managed to prevent the excessive short-term foreign borrowing used for consumer crediting, and to develop further measures to reduce the level of dollarization of the economy.

"As for the idea of introducing a tax on the sales of foreign currency, a decision here should be very careful and considered. The views and interests of all parties - the National Bank, banks and individuals should be taken into account. There has been no consensus on this point so far," Yanukovych said.


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