The New Year rush has taken a break, and now it is time to think about what the year 2013 can possibly bring us.

ForUm has talked to parapsychologist Yulia Mechnikova, art therapist and master of occult sciences, to learn about what energy the year of Black Snake has and what it will bring to the economy, business and family, of course.

- What will the New Year bring with it? What is its energy?

- You know, a year cannot be good or bad. For some people it will bring success, for others - difficulties. What I can tell for sure is that people who have some legal issues, like lawsuits or court hearings, must be ready to delay. During this year such questions will not be solved, so don not even try.

Trade business faces leaps and drops. The situation is unstable. There can be success and there can be failure. At the end of the year, the total balance may be zero. Production business faces the biggest shock.

The sphere of banking services will be divided in two. Specialists in new technologies will earn a profit, while those who follow classic schemes may face difficulties and complications.

The sphere of mass media also faces changes. Some of media will change owners and will have success, while others will go down the tubes. It is important to decide whom you are with.

I want to point out that creative professionals have a chance to fare well and get additional income. Moreover, adventure dealers will have an opportunity to earn big capital for a short period of time.

As for global changes, Ukraine nay find itself in the trap of international isolation, integration into Europe will be suspended. The opportunity to join the Customs Union with Russia will be postponed. Ukraine may also have complicated relations with Washington because of oil and gas exploitation on the territory of Black Sea shelf.

-What should people used to stability do?

- People who have had stable business for five years better not to expand and develop. However, investments into economies of other countries and foreign projects will be profitable enough. As for stability, it is better to keep the capital not in banknotes, but in gold - this is 100% safe variant.

This year, the most profitable business form is projects on information, new technologies, food products and art trends.

- As far as I understand from your words, crisis is inevitable.

- Oh, it is.  This is a world crisis, which will affect all countries, including Ukraine. March, July and the end of October are most unfavorable financial periods. Moreover, the crisis will affect the real estate market.

- And what will happen in Ukrainian "Olympus"?

- Changes will affect not only the population, but business and authorities as well. There won't be some revolution or war, but decisions taken by the authorities will cause instability and conflicts in the end of February - beginning of March. The structure of power will undergo considerable changes in autumn - someone will fall and others will rise.

- You've been talking about economy and politics. What can you say in respect of family relations?

- The year of Black Snake is favorable for family issues. Single people will meet their halves, but whether the relations become serious will depend on the decisions these people will make. Family people, who have difficulties in marriages, will have to revise the relations and decide whether these relations are important for them. If yes, they will have to change themselves to preserve the marriage, and if not, this year is a good period for painless divorces and settlement of property matters.

- And what about health?

- Well, people with cardiovascular diseases will be at risk during July-December period. And April-September period is dangerous for people with unstable mind. If such people do not control their emotions, they may face a mental breakdown with consequences in social sphere, especially if such people hold managing positions. However, emotion control will help to avoid conflicts.

- People believe that those born in the year of Snake will be successful the whole year. Is it true?

- Of course, people stay under energetic protection of the year they were born in. However, everything depends on the decision they make. Thus, if a person born in the year of Snake receives a job offer from rivals but does not accept it, it is not a fact that his career will develop successful. At the same time, if he accepts the offer, the things will depend on the new partners. There can be success or there can be failure.

In general, as for this year, zodiac signs Virgo, Scorpion, Capricorn, Taurus and Cancer will have an opportunity to open their own business. Representatives of this signs will have stable personal relations this they will have an opportunity to change working environment and achieve career success. However, own business must be within the knowledge and possibilities. Thus, if a person is a lawyer, he can open his own legal office. But if a person has never done sales, he should not open a trade business.

As for other zodiac signs, they should pay more attention to personal relations. If there are regular conflicts, it will be better to end relationships. This year is favorable for divorces. If people have a love triangle, it is time to decide what partner to stay with. Such relations will prove stable.

- There is a number 13 in the digital structure of this year. Some people believe it brings bad luck and suffering. Can it somehow affect the course of the year?

- I can tell you that people who believe in bad luck of the number 13 will suffer bad luck. There is energoinformational space, which perceives our emotions and feelings. There are no bad or good numbers. People simply associate bad or good events with numbers. I love this number, for example. I was born on Friday 13, and only good things happen to me on this day. Even if there are some complications, there is always a possibility to escape unharmed. As for the year 2013, it has very delicate emanation of energy.

- Are there any natural disasters to come?

- This year is pretty critical in respect of natural disasters, which can bring down people's routine. The probability of natural disasters is rather high in June and July. However, Ukraine faces floods, blackouts or other disasters almost every year, and this year will not be an exception.

- What kind of natural disaster can happen this year?

- I don't want to give examples, because information is a force. If many people believe in some information, it may come true. How do you think news appear? First, they make news, then people start believing in it, then the event takes places and journalists report about it. It is called perception coding. Those who are bound to become victims of a disaster will hardly be able to change it, thus there is no need to make up panic, in my opinion.

- We have survived December 21, 2012, though many people believed in the prophecy. Now they forecast some new era. Do you think it will come?

- Of course it will. The new era will bring global changes. Some people will manifest extraordinary abilities, which will assist to dynamic development of technical progress. I can tell you with assurance that the time of robots and androids is close. And the time will show what it will result in. In fact, the consequences will depend on the inner convictions of the people, engaged into this sphere of industry. The changes, however, will happen very fast. The time of intense natural selection is coming, thus only the strongest will survive.

Well, it's up to you whether to believe in stars and cards or not. The most important thing is to be positive about everything happening around and to remember that any problem has a solution. 

Remember that Nomen est omen ("the name is a destiny") and that Luck is an attitude.

ForUm wishes you to take and give only positive energy. May the Force be with you.

Tetyana Matsur, photos by Viktor Kovalchuk


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