New Year night celebrations in the capital were held to rock music. On December 31 night tens of thousands of people gathered near the stage on the Independence Square of Kyiv. Not all of them spoke Russian, as on New Year night Kyiv traditionally becomes an international city. ForUm saw representatives of dozens of nationalities and religions.
Walking along Khreshchyatyk, closed for traffic, Kyiv residents and guest could buy every possible decoration: multi-colored wigs, tails, ears, Santa hats and knick knackery.

Ostrich (!) was the main oddity of the New Year fair.

New Year market also had many other things to offer.

Tents selling hot wine were gathering long lines, as everyone wanted to get warm waiting for the New Year concert. 

Others preferred to take a ride.

Closer to 11p.m. people started gathering near the stage to listen to "Druga rika" Ukrainian band.

Then there was the turn of Ruslana to perform.

She was singing right till 11:59 p.m. Ten seconds before midnight the presenter Maxim Nelypa started the countdown.

Having counted till 10 the whole country welcomed in the year 2013, and people on Maydan started opening champaign and watch festive fireworks.

At 00:02 of January 1 Oleh Scripka and his legendary band "Vopli Vidoplyasova" started congratulating Ukraine. "Ukrainians should live so good to forget about politics," the congratulations said. 

Apart from their hit songs, the band also entertained people with Ukrainian folk songs. The whole Maydan was singing and dancing together with the signers. 

After "VV" performance, some people got tired and started leaving, while the others continued celebrations together with Russian rock band "DDT".

The New Year festivities on Maydan continued till the morning.

Tetyana Hryhoryeva, photos by the author


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