Russia will not reduce the gas prices for Ukraine, director of the economic cooperation department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Gorban said. "As for the requirements to sell gas to Ukraine at the same prices as to Belarus, they are not impossible. Russia will not do it," he said in an interview with Interfax news agency.

The diplomat stressed that "Russia and Belarus are members of the Customs Union, and we are moving towards the unified economic union."

He noted that the contract signed with Ukraine was initially quite favourable, as it provided the price of gas for Ukraine by 100 dollars less than the average market price at that time.

"Today, Ukraine wants lower price, but it behaves in contradictory way," Gorban said.

He recalled that Russia wanted to form a consortium with Ukraine and the EU on operation of pipelines running through Ukraine, but Kyiv refused, and Russia was forced to build pipelines bypassing Ukraine.

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