New Year is already knocking on the doors and those, who have not bought presents yet, better turn on imagination to the maximum and go searching markets and shops. However, the eternal question is not where to buy, but what. The present should not be just a thing for the record, but an object your dears have been waiting for.

According to the Research and Branding Group research results, Ukrainians do not have preferences regarding presents. Respondents admit they would be equally happy to receive sweets with champaign or cosmetics.

On the New Year eve, ForUm decided to go 'shopping' to learn what Ukrainians buy as presents this year.

New Year luck

As it turns out, souvenirs and various charms are very popular among our citizens. A seller of one of the Kyiv trade centers Oksana told ForUm that the products of their shops are aimed for personal relations and home decoration.

"People buy angels, trees and other souvenirs. This nesting box, for example, is a charm for happiness in the house. The price is acceptable - from 50 to 125 hryvnias. Customs buy presents costing 150-200 hryvnias without thinking. Some customers are ready to spend 300-500 hryvnias for presents, however this year we see that people's financial possibilities are not the same as last years," Oksana says.

Customers of online shops also buy charms, bringing luck. According to a manger on online sales Victoria, customers often buy various horseshoes and other charms bringing luck. "Men often order porcelain souvenirs for women, like a jewelry box or musical statuette. For men people order various gift sets," Victoria says.

Prices for souvenirs vary from 90 to 1100 hryvnias (ashtray in the shape of a snake - UAH 90, musical box - UAH 300, golden shovel to rake in money - UAH 250), but Ukrainians spend 200 hryvnias on average, Victoria adds.

City markets also present variety of souvenirs: vases, statuettes, gift chests and others. Chests, for example, cost from 25 to 280 hryvnais, depending on the size.

If you are looking for a present for a man - football fat, a set of such cups can be a good idea. Such "kitchen ball" costs 75 hryvnias, and the full set of teapot, cups, sugar bowl, saucers and a tray costs 375 hryvnias. At the same time, seller of the department Iryna complains that markets live difficult times now, as customers prefer to buy in hypermarkets and other big shops, though the items are the same.

Chic and style

Jewelry is an integral part of women's image. Thus, ForUm decided to take a look at a bijouterie shop - rings, earrings, necklaces, pins and other ladies' stuff. Seller Inna told us that regular clients had already bought presents for their dears. The prices, however, are not low. A hairclip, for example, will cost you 350 hryvnias.

Cosmetics and perfumes are also a safe choice. The important thing is to know the taste of the person of interest. According to Research and Branding Group in Ukraine, these items are among top three the most popular gifts for New Year.

Present for all the times

As we all know, a book is a present for all the times. As ForUm has learned, Ukrainians are ready to pay more than 1000 hryvnias for such present.

Seller Oksana told us that Kyiv residents started to buy more books on New Year eve, especially gift books. "Maximum what Ukrainians are ready to pay for a gift book is 1000-1200 hryvnais. These are books on art, architecture, history. We also can offer 100 volumes of foreign classics or Russian classics. Such masterwork will cost 20-25 thousand hryvnias. But only a few buy such presents."

You can always choose economic variant and buy a gift book costing 200 hryvnias. If you do not care about the cover, but focus on the content, you can always buy an ordinary book, costing 75 hryvnias.

People's voice

Apart from 'shopping tour', ForUm also asked people in the street what they bought for their dears and what they expect to receive on New Year.

"For my boyfriend I want to give two books and a feather pillow. For my mom I will buy a set of creams, and for my father I don't know yet. I am ready to spend money for the presents to my dears. For the present for my boyfriend, I am ready to spend 300-400 hryvnias. The set of creams will cost me 150 hryvnias. As for me, I will be happy with any present," Tanya told us.

Oleksandr is also having troubles with choosing a present for his father. As for his mom, the situation is easier. "With my dad we have decided to buy a collection of perfumes for mom. We expect to spend 400-800 hryvnias. For me I would like to get the fifth I-pad," the guy told us.

The couple Maxim and Maryna says they will give a standard set of sweets and champaign for their parents. As for the presents for each other, Maryna kept it a secret, while Maxim told ForUm journalists in confidence that he might give flowers and a ring.

This woman also plans to spend 200 hryvnias for the presents. "I want to buy a shirt for my husband and music CDs for my kids. I would be happy to get a pendant for me."

Just what the doctor ordered

Whatever you buy for your dears, the present must be sincere, not just for the record, director of "Rozrada" center, Cand. Sc. Psychology Valentyna Bondarovska says. "The present should not be formal. It should reflect the character of the person you will give this present to and show your attitude.

"If a person is a sweet tooth, you can buy some fancy sweetie. If a person likes pens, buy him one for the collection. The important thing is to make this person happy with the present, no matter how big or small it is.

The same concerns children. Don't buy just a toy, but a present which bears an idea. I like to give books, but for your kid a constructor may be a better idea. The present must make your child happy and educate him at the same time," Valentyna Bondarovska says.

Specialists in other spheres also give their recommendations. Thus, a parapsychologist Yulia Mechnikova, art-therapist and master of occult sciences, says that the tendency of this year implies presents for decoration and interior, like stones, pictures. "Something that will protect its owner for the whole year," she says.   

We hope ForUm has helped you with the ideas of presents for your dears. We wish you that surprises you plan have success, and that the New Year brings you only positive moments.

Tetyana Matsur, photos by Viktor Kovalchuk


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