Not far from Kyiv, among bushy pine trees and high snow piles, there is a fairy palace of Ukrainian Santa. The New Year sorcerer has opened his residence in Bucha town, within the project of "Ukrainian post", where he reads night and day the letters from Ukrainian kids.

Every year children write about 10 thousand letters to Santa, hoping for a present or at least a postcard. And if earlier these letters never arrived at destination, from today the fairytale exists!

"Earlier, letters addressed to Santa were read by postmen, who sometimes used to buy a present and bring it back to a kid. However, the majority of letters stayed forgotten at post offices. Now, after the opening of the residence, children can be sure that their letters will be read by Santa himself," director general of "Ukrainian post" state company Oksana Plotnykova says.

The official says that the idea to create similar project appeared long time ago, but the possibility to realize it has presented itself only now, thanks to the support of donors. 

According to Oksana, every kid who will write a letter with a return address will receive candies and juices from Santa. Authors of the most touching letters will get a real present.

"I've already read more than three thousand letters. I work day and night. I've already prepared some present to give to the children on the nice list. I receive many sincere messages, and not always from kids, but also from adults," Ukrainian Santa told us.

Kids' wishes are of all sorts and conditions. Many kids ask for computers or various toys. There are kids who ask for a magic pill for their grannies or even for themselves. There are also kids, who do not ask anything, but just send greetings cards and want to learn more about Santa, like "what are the names of your reindeer, how long is your beard or how have you become Santa?"

There are so many boxes with letters arriving in the palace that Santa alone cannot manage them all. Thus, he calls elves for help.

"We receive letters from children, my colleagues-elves sort them and then Santa reads them. He controls who was nice and who was bad, then he puts letters back in boxes with comments and give back to us. My job is to wrap presents for kids. We have a lot of work before New Year," an elf shared his routine with us.

Apart from writing letters, children can also come to visit Santa in his residence. The residence will be opened until mid-January.

"Parents can bring their kids to Santa on weekends. To make the fairytale come true, Santa organizers various parties, including sleighing, and gives presents," Oksana Plotnykova says.

The first guests have already experience the fairytale... The level of positive emotions has beaten all records.

ForUm has decided to ask kids what they expect from Santa and whether they have already written a letter.

"It is so wonderful here. I've already written a letter and asked for a Monster High doll," Natasha says.

Sasha has a whole list of wishes. She has already written a letter to Santa and now has come to see how he lives. "I want a doll Rapunzel, modeling clay, a cat and two horses with wings glowing in the dark."

This seven-year-old girl has not written any letter, but she believes the miracle will happen anyway. She also says she liked the residence of Santa. "I expected it to be different, but it has turned out it is a whole magic town. And I really want a puppy."

These are kids' wishes, sometimes naive, sometimes funny...And while kids believe in fairytale, we wish their parents to dedicate some time and help them to write a letter to Santa. Just make sure to write the return address and Santa will reply.

Dream and believe in magic! On New Year eve, all wishes come true!

Tetyana Matsur, photos by Viktor Kovalchuk


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