Members of Parliament from the Regions Party faction Iryna Berezhna and Andriy Pinchuk suggest that the sale of beer, alcoholic beverages and low-alcohol drinks be banned in Ukraine from 22:00 to 07:00 except for at restaurants and cafés.

A draft law on the ban was registered in parliament on December 21, 2012.

Under the bill, consumption of alcohol will be banned in the street, in parks and public gardens, at entrances of residential buildings. The sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco closer than 200 meters to educational establishments will be also prohibited.

The bill foresees an increase in fines for offenses related to the sale and consumption of alcohol, as well as for appearing drunken in public, drinking beer, strong drinks and low-alcoholic beverages at the place of production.

In particular, fines worth from 13 to 500 non-taxable minimum incomes with the confiscation of alcohol and tobacco on sale are proposed for the violation of the rules of trade in beer, alcoholic and low-alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

Fines for drinking beer, alcoholic and low-alcoholic beverages in the places banned by the draft law or appearing drunken in public are set at from 1 to 20 non-taxable minimum incomes, and in case of repeated violations fines will grow to 20-35 non-taxable minimum incomes. Consumption of beer, alcoholic and low-alcoholic beverages at the place of production will be fined at a rate of 20-30 non-taxable minimum incomes.

The document also suggests criminal responsibility for the repeated (more than three times) sale of alcoholic and low-alcoholic beverages and beer to minors.


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