Doctors urged Ukrainians not to drink alcohol and eat to excess during the New Year holidays.
According to the chief specialist of medicine of emergency of the Kyiv City State Administration healthcare department Anatoly Vershyhora, people are often poisoned by adulterated alcohol during the holidays.

"It is advisable to buy alcohol in special stores or supermarkets. Do not buy alcoholic beverages in kiosks. It is there, where low-quality alcohol is often revealed. It causes severe poisoning," Vershyhora said.

Doctors also recommend eating salads of fresh vegetables and fruits and not eating fried, spicy, fatty foods with irritating spices to excess, as it can lead to an exacerbation of chronic disease.

Expert on gastroenterology of the Kyiv City State Administration healthcare department Ihor Chervak advised not spending all your time at the table during the festive meal. "It’s good to do some physical activity - dance, walk. When a person overeats, he can get inflammation of the pancreas - pancreatitis - a disease, which is difficult to treat," he said.

Anatoly Vershyhora added that emergency rooms and ambulances will be working as usual during the New Year's Eve.

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