There are only a few days left until New Year, and festive mood is already in the air. Everybody goes on holiday, from teachers to people's deputies.

Newly elected MPs of VII convocation have already said goodbye to the session hall until January 9, 2013, and ForUm wonders how New Year is a la deputies. Where and how do they plan to meet the year of black snake?

It turns out MPs are family people.

Pavlo Rosenko, "Udar" faction:

- I consider New Year a family holiday, thus we will have family dinner. We do no plan some big party. Sometimes it happens we go to see our friends, or the friends come to our place. As for Christmas, we used to go to the wife's relatives in Vinnitsa. Unfortunately, this year there is nobody left to visit, so we will probably celebrate it here in Kyiv.

Natalia Korolevska, minister for social policy:

- New Year I will meet in the Ministry. It's not the time for vacation.

Oleksandr Holub, Communist party faction:

- I like to celebrate New Year with friends and Christmas with the family.

Oleh Lyashko, non-factional MP:

- I will celebrate both New Year and Christmas with the family in Kyiv.

Andriy Mokhnyk, "Freedom" faction:

- I celebrate New Year in Kyiv. On January 1, we traditionally organize torchlight procession dedicated to the anniversary of Stepan Bandera. As for Christmas and the old style New Year, I celebrate it with my wife's relatives in Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Refat Chubarov, deputy head of Crimean Majlis:

- New Year is not considered a family holiday in Islam, just an ordinary circle of seasons. However, I respect the Ukrainian tradition to celebrate this date and as a rule, I join my friends on the New Year night.

Oleh Zarubinski, Party of Regions faction:

- I am not going abroad for New Year holidays. Ukraine provides a variety of options to celebrate New Year here. Unfortunately, my parents are no longer among us, thus I will meet the New Year with relatives of my wife.

Oleh Tyagnybok, head of "Freedom" faction:

- I will probably celebrate New Year with my family in Lviv. Maybe, we will go in the Carpathians. Christmas is a traditional family holiday. So, first I will go to church, then we will have dinner, and they we will go visiting relatives.   

Volodymyr Yavoryvski, "Batkivshchyna" faction:

- Traditionally, I celebrate New Year with my family and friends. We gather in the summerhouse and make a big party.

Oleksandr Yefremov, head of the Party of Regions faction:

- Taking into account the fact that half a year I spend on foreign trips, the New Year night I would like to spend with my family. The best present ever is the presence of my grandchildren.

Petro Simonenko, Communist party leader:

- I will celebrate New Year at home, with my parents and children. Jelly is a traditional dish for New Year. My mom is really good at cooking it. In general, we will celebrate as any other Ukrainian family.
Andriy Shevchenko, Batkivshchyna faction:

- For New Year I will go to my family in Fastov. However, Christmas is more important for our family. We usually go round carol-singing. Hopefully, the tradition will continue next year.

Iryna Heashchenko, "Udar" faction:

- I will stay home with my family.
Viktor Yanukovych junior, Party of Regions faction:

- Both New Year and Christmas I will celebrate with my parents. These are traditionally family holidays.

Nestor Shufrich, Party of Regions faction:

- Every New Year I celebrate with my parents. Only in 1998/99 I was invited to celebrate it with a "political family". This year I will definitely stay with the parents.

Lesya Orobets, Batkivshchyna faction:

- I will celebrate New Year with my family, though Christmas is more important for us. We will cook unique dishes, and I hope my kids will surprise me with something special.

Viktor Baloha, non-factional MP:

- Both New Year and Christmas I celebrate with my near and dear ones.


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