On New Year's Eve, Ukrainians should remember that safe doses of alcohol do not exist, head of the drug treatment department of Sociotherapy drug treatment clinic Oleksandr Shypunov said during a round table "New Year holidays without harm to health", ForUm correspondent reports.

"People have to remember that there are no safe amounts of alcohol. As it is a poison for our body. But there are those doses that can bring minimal damage based on weight of a healthy person. This is no more than 60 ml of pure alcohol per day," he said.

According to Shypunov, the problems of alcohol use during the winter holidays arise partly because people, who drink little, like to exceed their normal dose during these days.

He also advised the Ukrainians, who have completely given up drinking alcohol, do not succumb to the entreaties of their friends and do not drink, and buy only certified alcohol to protect themselves from severe poisoning.

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