About three thousand Ukrainian HIV-positive children, who are in need daily medical and social support, receive monthly aid of 170 UAH from the state, co-director of the International HIV / AIDS Alliance in Ukraine Anna Dovbakh said during the meeting with journalists at the OKHMATDET National Children's Specialized Hospital.

"This money is not enough even for food, not mentioning the clothes and shoes. Inaction in this case is equivalent to a death sentence. Only the attention of the state and businesses can influence the situation," she said.

"170 HIV-positive children from all regions of Ukraine are under medical supervision. Most of them are children from low-income families and need than in clothing, shoes, basic hygiene items and household apart from expensive treatment. Funds allocated by the state can not meet the needs of children and the help of local philanthropists is not sufficient," head of the center "Clinic for HIV / AIDS children" at the National Children's Specialized Hospital "OKHMATDET" Svitlana Komar commented on the situation.

According to the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS), Ukraine ranks fifth in the world in terms of developing the disease. The number of officially registered HIV-positive people in Ukraine is 120 thousand people.

"The doctors should focus on early clinical diagnosis of HIV infection in children and provision of antiretroviral therapy. It is almost the only chance to save the life of young patients in their first year of life.

"Special attention should be given to children, whose parents are infected with HIV and take drugs. Integrated treatment of tuberculosis, hepatitis, and provision HIV infected drug addicts with social support is particularly important for healthy life for their children. While the state is slow, we encourage businessmen to support those most in need – HIV-positive children," Anna Dovbakh summed up.


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