Establishment of the modern infrastructure is a key part of the country’s development, which increase its competitiveness. This applies to the construction of roads, social facilities, a modern system of communication and transport, vice Prime Minister Oleksandr Vilkul said, commenting on his tasks in the new position.

"The priority tasks in the communal services field are, above all, the modernization of heating and water supply systems, energy-saving technologies, improving the quality of public services. Special attention will be given to the Affordable Housing project. It will give a powerful impetus to the development not only of the construction industry, but also will help to solve serious social problems in the country," Vilkul said.

"The appointment to the post of the vice Prime Minister of Ukraine is a great honor and responsibility. I thank our President Viktor Yanukovych for the trust. The President gave the task to increase the role of the regions in the process of national modernization, to ensure an effective system of cooperation between the Government and the regional authorities. The tasks may be accomplished by attraction of the international best practices and approaches and strengthening the mechanisms for the exchange the best practices between regions," – vice PM Oleksandr Vilkul concluded.

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